Jabari, My friend: A Journey towards the Rastafarian and Bobo Shanti Culture




Jabari, my friend, is the story of Jabari Azenech, a young kid which became a member of the Bobo Shanti Community placed in the Tenth Mile, Bull Bay, Kingston, all the way from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, told by his best friend on the community, Jerome Clarke.
This Book portrays a delightful and engaging story that mixes customs, beliefs, faith, friendship, and growth framed on the Rastafarian culture and a beautiful message of love and union you cannot miss.

Who could imagine that a sidekick could turn out to be the main character and become a hero?
That is the main issue on Jabari, My friend, presenting a journey towards the Rastafarian and Bobo Shanti Culture you will never forget.

This book highlights and expands on various aspects of the Bobo Shanti community and culture, topics such as:

•Bobo Shanti way of life, Rastafarian culture, and norms.
• Bobo Shanti Wardrobes and turbans.
• Bobo Shanti Sabbath.
• Rastafarian Nutrition/Diet.
• Bobo Shanti special celebrations and dates.
• All this and more in the form of a compelling story around Jabari and his friend, Jerome.

This Book is dedicated to young curious minds, the inspiration for this book came from my own children who were curious in their own right but didn’t have a simplified version to relate to. This is a simplified, informative and inspirational account of the Bobo Shanti culture making it easier for them to understand and hopefully, you will too!

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